Membership with our practice provides for all of your visits with your private physician in our medical practice on an annual basis. It includes a thorough annual evaluation of your health, your potential risk factors for disease, your lifestyle and your quality of life.

Our doctors are available to members 24/7 by phone or in person. We always sees members the same day for any urgent problems and, in most cases, for non-urgent conditions as well. If you prefer, visits to your home or office are readily available for an additional fee.

A two-week membership is also offered for patients with urgent medical problems, executive health evaluations, or for those visiting from out of town. If you enroll as an annual member within 12 months, fees incurred during the two-week membership will be applied to your annual membership.


Benefits included with your Membership:

  • Annual Integrative Exam and Personal Health Analysis
  • Follow-Up Consultation and Health Related Correspondence via Phone, Video Chat, Email and In-Person
  • Care coordination with specialists
  • Urgent Care
  • Extended visit time (30 min to 90 min depending on need)
  • Home Visits available for additional fee
  • No office visit needed for certain routine care
  • Unlimited regularly scheduled office visits during office hours at no additional cost, no co-pay
  • unlimited phone/email/txt access to your M.D. for urgent issues
  • On site Phlebotomy, IV and Lab Services, Monday-Friday
  • specialized lab testing for cardiac risk, advanced cholesterol testing, allergy testing, inflammatory markers available at cost, will be submitted to insurance

Dedicated Health Advocacy:

  • Guidance through hospitalization and care transitions
  • Elder care and end of life issues
  • Arranging housecalls and on-site services
  • Finding and coordinating with doctors when you are out of town
  • Custom research for new serious diagnoses
  • Helping to protect your privacy


(Available on a limited basis and at the discretion of Dr. Grewal)


Includes all primary membership benefits, plus the following:

  • Extended office hours, evening and weekend appointments
  • 24/7 direct access to your physician for all issues, routine and urgent
  • Personally supervised medical records management
  • Hospital care and hospital care coordination
  • Access to our partner facility for 24/7 urgent care and expedited imaging center
  • Ongoing personal diet coaching, exercise planning

Premiere Health Advocacy:

  • Expedited ER care In the event of a serious emergency where you find yourself having to go to the Emergency Room, your physician is available to meet you there and expedite the entire process for you.
  • Home visits – In case of an emergency, your physician is available 24/7 to visit you at your home. We are proud to offer a personalized, in-home experience without the hassle of the emergency room.